“Volo d’Amore per Viola d’Amore. 2014

The Dybbuk: Opera-Ballet. 2012

“Musings” for Piano Trio (Gryphon Trio). 2009

“Antarctica”:  Music for the Video. 2007

“Petite Suite” for Flute and Guitar. 2006

Madrigal (“My Soul Spoke to Me”) for Choir (a Capella). 2004

Concerto for Viola and Orchestra. 2003 – 04

Quartet for Piano and Strings. 2002 – 03

“Fanfare for the New Millennium” (Brass and Percussion). 1999

“Gianni” an Opera in Two Acts (unfinished). 1995 – 98

“Jaya” Overture, for the NAC Orchestra. 1995

Sonata for Cello and Piano. 1994

“Album for Piano”: Intermediate level piano pieces. 1993 – 94
Published by the Frederick Harris Music Company

“Child-play”:  Suite of Children’s Pieces for chamber orchestra (Pieces of Dana). 1992

“Musica Eterna” for String Quartet. 1991

“Gloria” for Choir, 3 Trumpets and Piano. 1991

“Red Shoes” for large mixed ensemble. 1990

“Burnt Offerings” for String Orchestra. 1989 – 90

“Canticles” of   St. Francis,  for Choir and Orchestra. 1989

Concerto for Piano and Orchestra. 1988

Concertino for Guitar and String Quartet. 1988

“Chiaroscuro” for mixed septet. 1987

“Love’s Garden”, Symphony of Songs: for Soprano and Orchestra. 1987

“Keyboard Triptych” for Piano / Synthesizer. 1986

“Universe Symphony”: for Large Orchestra and Synthesizers. 1984-85

“The Bride’s Reception”: Mystic Symphonic Poem. 1984

“Awakening”:  Prelude for Orchestra. 1983

“Fantasia on a Theme by Schumann” for piano. 1983

“Trikaya”:  for violin, clarinet, piano & percussion. 1981

“Transformation” for Flute and Piano. 1981

“Dialogue” for Flute and Piano. 1980

“Deux Tapisseries” pour Orchestre  (et pour ensemble mixte). 1978 – 80

“Wind Music” for Brass Quintet

“Psalm 121”  for Soprano, Flute and Piano. 1977 – 79
“Poeme”, “the Warrior”, “Waves and Ripples”:  for Piano

“Animus-Anima” pour Orchestre. 1976

“Sonate pour Sept”. 1975

“Veils” for Piano. 1974
“CHORI” for large Orchestra

Sonata # 2 for Piano. 1973
Psalms: for voice and piano

Pieces of Dana : for piano solo and piano duet

“Symphony II” for Orchestra. 1972

“Odyssey” for Rock Group and Orchestra. 1971
“Symphony in Two Movements”

“Mythos” for Flute and String Quartet. 1968

“Quartets’: Poems of G.M. Hopkins (soprano, flute ‘cello, harp). 1967

Fantasy for Piano. 1967

Andante – Agitato for Violin and Orchestra. 1966

Sonata for Grand Piano. 1964
– Ostinato (Sonata movement)

Andante for Strings. 1964

Concerto for Piano and Orchestra. 1963

3 Preludes and Fugues. 1962

11 Preludes for Piano. 1961